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Watch: Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro

Posted by haids 10/04/2018 0 Comment(s) Newsroom,

From the old-school cabinet types to the more portable and compact microphones, videoke is pretty much a staple in any kind of social gathering in the Philippines. If you’re in the market for a new karaoke system that’ll impress your friends and family (assuming your singing voice alone isn’t up to par), we might have something that’ll pique your interest!



The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro is not just your typical home videoke system as it comes with its own mobile application, downloadable expansion packs, and a minigame!



It comes with modern hits, classics, and if that’s not enough, there ‘s a vast catalog of songs to download through their app. The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro also has new fancy song formats like “Lyric Video,” where the lyrics are nicely animated. Another format worth noting is “Real Sound” which uses pre-recorded music from real instruments.



As previously mentioned, the videoke comes with a mobile application, called “GV Smart App.” It’s more or less a substitute with the already-provided remote control, but with a few more added features. Connected via WiFi, the app also allows you to send messages to the screen, take screenshots, and upload media. It comes with 32 GB of storage, which is quite a lot to play with. You can sing over music videos or a video clip of your friend secretly dancing to “All the Single Ladies.”




Most importantly, Song Packs can be downloaded from the app. Any songs you’d be interested in can be easily purchased with the prepaid “GV Smart Cards.” Once your songs are purchased, they’re synced with the main unit and saved to the internal memory.



If you’re feeling competitive, the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro has a “Perfect Pitch” minigame where you compete with your pals to get the best singing score! It plays like most mainstream rhythm games like Rockband and Karaoke Revolution.



The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro comes with a lot of features expected from a videoke system and so much more. With great build quality and a user-friendly interface, it’s definitely something that will breathe more life into your birthday parties and walwal nights for years to come.



Source: (yugatech)

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